7" Super Sterasyl Ceramic Water Filter

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Doulton ceramic water filters have been in continual use since 1827


7" and 9" Doulton Super Sterasyl filter is discontinued. The 7" Ultra Sterasyl Filter at link below replaces the Super Sterasyl Water Filters.

Ultra Sterasyl Filters by British Berkefeld (8674) – Berkey Water Canada (choicewaterfilters.ca)

  • Super Sterasyl  filters are impregnated with silver  to inhibit bacterial growth
  • Contains granulated activated carbon to reduce chemical and organic compounds
Removes pathogenic organisms up to 99.9% including;
- Bacteria's such as; E.Coli / Cholera / Shigella / Typhoid / Klebsiella Terriggena
- Cysts Removal such as; Crptosporidium / Giardia
- Reduces up to 99.44% free chlorine tested after 1515 liters water put through filter

- The filters provided an overall >98.9% filtration efficiency of all contaminants throughout the testing.

Test results  are here. pdf file

  • 7" element installs in the upper chamber of all Berkey® Systems and all British Berkefeld® Systems. 
  • Durability: Recommended manufacturer's replacement for each Super SterasylCeramic Filtration Element is six months or 535 gallons (2000 litres) after use
  • Self priming, recleanable and self-sterilizing for the life of the filter
  • Meets NSF Standard No. 42 for materials