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The NSF certified British Berkefeld Ultra Sterasyl water filter by Doulton is our bestselling ceramic water filter for Berkey and British Berkefeld gravity water filter systems. The Ultra sterasyl filter has a microfilter ceramic exterior along with a with a granular activated carbon and heavy metal removal media interior. This NSF certified Ultra Sterasyl water filter effectively removes a wide range of contaminants including; e-coli bacteria, microplastics, pharmaceuticals, herbicides, heavy metals, free chlorine and monochloramine. 

The British Berkefeld ceramic water filter by Doulton is your best alternative for other gravity fed water systems such as Alexapure, Berkey, Boroux Legacy, Phoenix, ProOne and Purewell.

Detailed Ultra Sterasyl Performance Data - (downloadable pdf files will open in new window)

Click here for a quick review; Ultra Sterasyl filter performance data sheet (refer to Ultra Sterasyl column)

NSF certified filters undergo rigorous testing by NSF or other labs. The NSF/ANSI certification requires that gravity-fed filters pass through twice their rated capacity of challenge contaminant before testing.

Other Ultra Sterasyl filter certifications include; Water Quality Association, EAC - Eurasian conformity mark, WRAS- Water Regulations Advisory in UK and Lucideon IS0 9001.

For Doulton Ultra Sterasyl NSF product certification; Click here (new window opens @ nsf.org)


For consistently clear, tasty and odorless water, change your ceramic water filter every six months or 1500 litres after use.
  • Replacement Berkefeld ceramic water filter cartridges comes with wing nuts & washers
  • Reduces chlorine, monochloramine, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, insecticides, trace organics, enhanced organics and pharmaceuticals
  • Also for use in Alexapure, Berkey, Phoenix, ProOne, Purewell and other countertop gravity water filter systems.
  • Made in England by Doulton and are NSF Certified
  • No priming required but quick rinse filters before installation.
  • Re-cleanable with Scotch Brite Pad that is free of chemicals

Fill your Berkefeld system at night so you have water throughout the next day - keep bottom canister near empty to prevent overflow.

Durability: Recommended manufacturer's replacement for each Ultra Sterasyl Ceramic Filter is six months or a maximum of 1500 Litres* after use.

- If using 2 in your system that's 3000 Litres - 6 Litre , Travel Berkey application
- If using 4 in your system that's 6000 Litres - 8.5 Litre, Big Berkey, Royal Berkey application
- If using 8 in your system that's 12000 Litres. - for Crown Berkey application.

* filter life is dependent upon water quality.

The Ultra Sterasyl is the only NSF certified ceramic gravity water filter in the world! Our filters are designed and manufactured by Doulton in England. As pioneers of purity since 1815, Doulton's unrivalled expertise, experience and innovation is inherent in every product. (Replaces Berkey BB9)

FAQ;  How do British Berkefeld's Ultra Sterasyl ceramic filters compare to Black Berkey elements?

Berkey and British Berkefeld filter claims of performance are comparable..

The main difference between the two, is NSF verified claims by British Berkefeld vs unverified claims by Berkey.

British Berkefeld's ceramic filters are backed by National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certification. As required by NSF, British Berkefeld filter testing is done on an expired filter (testing at 400 and 800 gallons) So, the test results you see are on expired  Berkefeld filters.

Black Berkey Elements are not backed by NSF certification and testing on Berkey Element's is done by 3rd party labs. Testing is done on new filters (testing to 20 to 100 gallon)


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