How Do British Berkefeld and Berkey Gravity Water Filter Systems work?
Each system consists of an upper and lower chamber. Water is poured into the top chamber, where gravity pushes it into the filters. The filtered water collects in the lower chamber, where it can be dispensed through a spigot.
How do i remove sticker from British Berkefeld stainless canister?

Which Berkey System is right for me?
Do i need to fill top chamber to the top every time?
YES, to ensure the filters don't wear out unevenly, fill to the top of chamber every time. Make sure bottom chamber is empty first otherwise the bottom chamber will overflow
What cleaning & maintenance do you recommend?
 Due to the lower chamber being FREE of chlorinated water, regular cleanings are required.  If you complete a full filtered cycle of water every day, then we recommend the lower chamber being rinsed with warm to hot water once per month.
My Black Berkey Water Filters have stopped working. What can I do?
My Berkey has slow spigot discharge. (and tight canisters)

How often should I clean the Black Berkey Elements?
If you are using potable water only, the Black Berkey elements should only need to be cleaned once or twice  per year. Remove the elements, light scrub with Scotch Bright pads under cool tap water and then re-prime the elements.


Black Berkey Elements Test Results
A complete list of test results by clicking link below


Do the Black Berkey elements remove pharmaceuticals from the water?Our elements are effective in removing or dramatically reducing drug pollutants from our drinking water


What is the difference between Berkey Earth Filters and the Black Berkey Elements?  We carry two classes of filters;

  • Purification Class- Black Berkey Elements (BEST) meet and exceed  NSF Standards with a reduction of contaminants up to 99.9999999%
  • Filtration Class- Berkey Earth Filters  (GOOD) exceed other filtration class filters with a reduction of contaminants up to 99.9%

Berkey Earth Filters are more economical and are about 34% cheaper in price  then the purification elements. however water filtration is much slower then the Black Berkey Elements .Watch this video for a comparison of the 2 filters.


How much Chlorine or Chloramines do the Black Berkey Purification elements remove?  & how much Fluoride is removed with the PF-2 & PF-4 filters?  The Berkey System will remove greater then 99.9 % of free chlorine or chloramines.  The Fluoride filtration elements will remove between 90% and 99.75% of this contaminant. Results can vary depending on the PH of the water. Partial list of cities that use either chlorine or chloramine

 Do the Black Berkey Purification Elements have silver in them?  Yes, silver is used as an antimicrobial to self-sterilize the Black Berkey® elements. Testing was conducted both internally and by Analytical Services, Inc. to insure that the silver used does not leach into the purified water.

 How do i transport my Berkey system?   Prior to transporting or moving any Berkey® system, the Black Berkey® Elements must first be removed. Failure to remove the elements from the system can result in broken stems. Place the elements in secure and water-tight packaging. The top and bottom of the stainless steel systems nest within each other for easy transport (remove spigot from lower chamber).  Please note: Failure to remove the elements from the system can result in broken stems. This is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.


 A small amount of water remains in the upper chamber, is this normal?  Yes it is normal and not unusual for the last 1.3 cm. to 2.5 cm. of water to remain in the upper chamber.


Why cant California and Iowa residents purchase Berkey Water Filter systems or replacement filters? click here; page will open in new window


How can I tell if my Black Berkey Elements are working correctly? (Red Dye Test)


Do the Black Berkey Elements contain graphene oxide in its composition?

There is no graphene oxide in the composition in our Black Berkey elements or any of our water filters. A common misunderstanding has come up due to University of California, Berkeley researching water purification. Berkey and Berkeley are not to be confused.


Do Black Berkey Elements remove coliform

Coliform doesn't necessarily mean the water is unsafe but is an indicator that harmful bacteria like ecoli could become a problem. Even with coliforms present, your water test will use the wording..."may be unsafe to consume"
if e-coli is present from water test, then that can make people ill .
quick reference from google search engine.
"Total coliform bacteria are not likely to cause illness, but their presence indicates that your water supply may be vulnerable to contamination by more harmful microorganisms."
due to the nature of Berkey filters,  coliform results from a water test may or may not be present ( in small numbers).  Berkey elements are designed to remove e-coli and other harmful bacteria up to 99.9%.


My filtered water is cloudy or has a funny taste

The Berkey water filters will require more priming if filtered water is "cloudy" or has a "funny taste". Continue flushing water through filters until the water runs clear. Discard the first batch of filtered water.

If you are unable to use your kitchen faucet for priming Black Berkey Elements, another option is to use this squeeze bottle. (New elements will require 3 Bottles each to flush out factory residues)

Why do my Berkey Elements have a high TDS reading?

TDS level water tests on our elements do not indicate a negative performance. Beneficial minerals are bypassed through the elements which will register a TDS reading.   Only reverse osmosis will give you low TDS readings.


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