Blemished British Berkefeld w/4 Ultra Sterasyl Filters - 8.5 Litre

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  • 8.5 Litre Size - same as Big Berkey - Lower canister capacity is 7.8L
  • Includes 4 Ultra Sterasyl Water Filters
  • Filtration rate with 4 filters is 3 L per hour. (approx.)
  • Filter number is stamped # 8674
  • NSF certified
  • Recommended replacement is after 6400 litres use or every 12 months. (based on 4 filters in a system)
  • Under normal use; British Berkefeld  stainless steel canisters purchased from have a lifetime warranty against rust!

Detailed Ultra Sterasyl Performance Data - (downloadable pdf files will open in new window)

The NSF certified British Berkefeld Ultra Sterasyl  is our bestselling ceramic water filter for gravity water filter systems. The combination of a microfilter ceramic exterior and a  granular activated carbon interior effectively removes free chlorine and a wide range of different contaminants including  bacteria, trace organics, enhanced organics, pharmaceuticals and heavy metals such as lead.

Whats in the box?

  • British Berkefeld Gravity Fed Filter System - two canisters & lid w/knob
  • x 4 Ultra Sterasyl water filters with Washers and Wingnuts.
  • Gravity Tap
  • 2 blocking plugs. (option)
  • Lower canister rubber ring
  • Instruction Manual & see video in product image library

Option; The Sticker can easily be removed and peeled off by using hairdryer on low heat setting.  see our video


  • Use hair dryer on low setting to heat up corner of sticker.
  • Use fingernail to peel back a corner
  • Use hairdryer on low setting and slowly peel away the rest of the sticker
  • Use window cleaner and soft cloth to clean up any residue left on stainless steel.

As pioneers of purity since 1815, British Berkefeld’s unrivalled expertise, experience and innovation is inherent in every product. All our gravity water filters go through a rigorous testing process to guarantee consistently excellent results, proudly carrying the ‘made in Britain’ stamp as a hallmark of integrity and quality.

Water is essential to our wellbeing. With a British Berkefeld gravity filter system from Choice Water Filters, you’re giving your body the best – so you can live a happier, healthier life to its full potential.

British Berkefeld gravity water filters are compatible with all other gravity fed water filter systems on the market, such as Alexapure, Berkey, Boroux, Phoenix, ProOne and Purewell.

Berkefeld Water Filter