View images below of the type of Faucet Aerator style that works best for priming filters.

Here are instructions and images to aid in the priming of Black Berkey Purification Elements.

Press the priming button up against a sink faucet so that the priming

button creates a seal between the faucet and the Black Berkey Filtration Element.  It is helpful to add the wingnut while priming so you can achieve a good grip resulting in a compression type connection with the faucet.

    • Attach wingnut and then place Priming Button (tan washer) on to the stem of the Black Berkey Filtration Element as shown in the image above and below. Place fingers under the wingnut so you can achieve a good grip. (see finger position below)
    • Place thumb over top of faucet so you can compress tan washer to tap
    • turn on tap with low pressure and saturate filter. You will see beads of water accumulate on the filters, after a few seconds your filter will be primed. Even after filter is primed, continue running water through filter to flush out as much sediment as possible. Doing this for 30 seconds should flush away any loose carbon dust that may be lingering in filter.

Note on using tan button washer priming method;

Some faucet aerator styles are not suited to use when priming Black Berkey Filtration Elements. If this is the case, use our Black Berkey Priming Tool or our Plastic Squeeze Bottle to prime your elements (water filters)

also; faucets that have a large massage style head can be unscrewed (by hand) and you can use the hose end to prime the filters.

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