My Black Berkey Water Filters Stopped Working

 If the filtration rate of your Black Berkey Elements has slowed down or stopped, please re-prime your filters. Visit here for instructions. If that doesnt work, proceed to Fixing The Problem below.  TIP - Cycle water through your Berkey everyday, this prevents filters from drying out)
Resolving The Issue

1) If your filters have stopped working;  you can scrub filters with a scotch-brite pad or stiff bristled brush under running water. (non softened)

You can also use a sharp vegetable peeler to peel off the top skin of the filter where most contaminants accumulate. Doing this will get your filters working again and will extend the life of your filters. This is usually done for filters that have heavy contaminant accumulation due to; older filters, filters plugged with water softening salt,  high turbidity of treated or untreated water etc

cleaning / scrubbing Berkey filters          berkey filters stopped working,  potato peeeler


2) Purging filters with Berkey priming / Purging Tool - This tool will blow compressed air into the filter which forcing contaminants out of the micropourous holes of the carbon media. This purging is needed periodically to keep filters working at peak efficiency.Follow steps below to Purge filters

1) fill filters full of water

2) Attach Purging Tool to stem of filter

3) Squeeze hand pump bulb continuously until all moisture leaves the filter. (You may see media dust coming out which is normal)

4) Once purging is complete and all moisture is removed from filters, Re-prime the filters.