Doulton Nitrate Reduction Cartridge #9F04

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The Doulton Nitrate Reduction Cartridge is compatible with the following models:

  • Doulton HCP Duo
  • Doulton HIP Duo
  • Doulton HIP Trio 

  • Made in Britain by Doulton Water Filters
  • Recommended to replace after 3 months
  • Compatible with Doulton’s DUO & Trio under-counter and counter-top filter housings
  • To be used in combination with a Ultracarb or BioTect Ultra ceramic filter candle.
  • Add the NITRATE reduction filter to the first chamber of the Doulton DUO housing followed by the Doulton NSF UltraCarb (sold separately) in the second chamber.
  • Cannot be used in a single chamber system. 
  • These cartridges are not designed for the treatment of hot water and should only be connected to the cold water supply.
  • Filter Instructions
  • Filtered flow rate of 1.9 litres per minute.

The Doulton Nitrate Reduction Cartridge is made in Britain by Doulton. This filter element is specifically designed to reduce the levels of Nitrites and Nitrates in municipal drinking water.

The Doulton nitrate cartridge contains a anion exchange resin, which is specifically selective for removing nitrates from your drinking water. SKU: W9125047