Doulton HCP Countertop (DUO) comes with 1 Ultra Carb Water Filter

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Enjoy healthier, tastier water without the trouble of plumbing in to the mains with this countertop option. This offer includes 1 Doulton Ultracarb Cartridge filter (W9123053) to take out chlorine, lead & organics from your water.


Add either the NITRATE reduction filter or the FLUORIDE reduction filter to the first chamber of the Doulton DUO housing followed by the Doulton NSF UltraCarb (included) in the second chamber.

This is a faucet connect water filter system.

  • Gives you a sustainable alternative to bottled water
  • Portable two-stage countertop water filter.
  • Works under water pressure
  • The flow divertor valve fits standard faucet/tap threads.
  • Standard faucet adaptors included
  • 6-month filter replacement cycle
  • Easy set up in about 2 minutes
  • Set Up Instructions

 INCLUDED -The Doulton Ultracarb Ceramic replacement water filter cartridge for countertop and undercounter systems harnesses the power of activated carbon to remove chlorine, lead, chemicals, organics + more from your drinking water.

FILTER OPTION - The Doulton nitrate cartridge contains a anion exchange resin, which is specifically selective for removing nitrates from your drinking water. SKU: W9125047. This is our best option for removing nitrates.


FILTER OPTION -The Doulton fluoride cartridge is manufactured using WRAS and NSF approved materials and reduces unwanted naturally occurring and added fluoride to safe levels in mains supplied drinking water. The media in the fluoride cartridge is capable of adsorbing up to 3,750ppm of Fluoride providing 6 months of protection. SKU W9125030