Royal Berkey w/4 NSF Certified Ultra Sterasyl Water Filters

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This special offer includes Royal Berkey with 4 NSF certified Ultra Sterasyl water filters. This 3.25 US gallon (12.3 Litre) stainless steel, gravity fed system is simple to operate with no plumbing required. Just fill the upper chamber with treated or untreated water, and the filter will reduce wide range of contaminants including;  chlorine, monochloramine, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and heavy metals from your water.  

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  • Berkey logo on canisters
  • Includes 4 Ultra Sterasyl Water Filters (Made in United Kingdom)
  • Filtration rate with 4 filters is 3-4 L per hour. (approx.)
  • Filter number is stamped # 8674
  • Certified by NSF, Water Quality Association + other.
  • Recommended replacement is after 6400 litres use or every 12 months. (based on 4 filters in a system)

Detailed Ultra Sterasyl Water Filter Performance Data - (downloadable pdf files will open in new window)

Click here for a quick review; Ultra Sterasyl filter performance data sheet (refer to Ultra Sterasyl column)

NSF certified filters undergo rigorous testing by NSF or other labs.

Other Ultra Sterasyl water filter certifications include; Water Quality Association, EAC - Eurasian conformity mark, WRAS- Water Regulations Advisory in UK and Lucideon IS0 9001.

The NSF certified British Berkefeld Ultra Sterasyl  is our bestselling ceramic water filter for gravity water filter systems. The combination of a microfilter ceramic exterior and a  granular activated carbon interior effectively removes free chlorine and a wide range of different contaminants including  bacteria, trace organics, enhanced organics, pharmaceuticals and heavy metals such as lead.

The British Berkefeld ceramic water filter is your best CHOICE for gravity fed water filter systems such as Alexapure, Berkey, Phoenix and Purewell.



  • Royal Berkey Gravity Fed Water Filter System 

  • Upper and lower canisters & lid w/knob

  • x 4 Doulton/Berkefeld Ultra Sterasyl water filters with Washers and Wingnuts.
  • Gravity Tap
  • 2 blocking plugs. (option to use)
  • Lower canister rubber ring
  • Instruction Manual & see video in product image library
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