Shower Filters

What are the benefits of a shower filter?

HAIR CARE; Natural oils produced by the scalp protect hair from daily wear and damage. Showering in chlorinated water, a chemical prevelant in water suoplies, can strip the oil from the hair causing it to become brittle and break. Washing hair in filtered water helps to protect and restore its natural luster resulting in improved body and shine.

  • Reduces dry hair and scalp
  • Protect color treated hair.
  • Restore body and shine
SKIN CARE; Chlorine can also strip away the skins protective oils, causing it to dry and crack, leading to premature signs of aging. Protect your skin and feel refreshed by showering in filtered water.
  • Protect skins natural oils.
  • Helps to prevent dry skin
  • For softer-smoother skin
Chlorine has a very low boiling point and vaporizes quickly in hot water. This causes the steam in the shower to become concentrated with as much as 20 times the level of chlorine that's coming out of the tap. Unsurprisingly, this is being inhaled directly into the lungs and and transferred directly into the bloodstream.
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