Berkey / Berkefeld Replacement Spigots

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Standard Replacement Spigots for Gravity Water Filter Systems

1) Replacement spigot assembly for Berkey stainless steel systems. (most common)

        Replacement spigot assembly for ALL Berkey Systems. - including British  Berkefeld Stainless Steel Systems.
      • All Berkey gravity systems come standard with this spigot (including Berkey Light™); in case of loss or damage, this item may be purchased individually as a replacement
      • The standard spigot fits the Travel Berkey®, Big Berkey®, Royal Berkey®, Imperial Berkey®, Crown Berkey®, and Berkey Light™.

      • Includes two washers and wingnut
    • UPC 755918446647

    2) Berkey Light System Spigot (Blue color)

    • Replacement Spigot assembly exclusively for the Berkey Light® System
    • Includes wingnut and two washers
    • NOT for stainless steel systems

    3) Vino Spigot for Stainless Steel Systems

    • Replacement Vino Tap Spigot for use with all British Berkefeld Water Filtration systems and Berkey Water Filtration Systems
    • Utilizes a side to side lever, allowing you to maintain and control water flow.
    • Style may vary slightly.